Videos to help you create your Positioning Strategy and your Uniqueness

Finding your Positioning Statement can be difficult if you don’t have a system.

Watch these Positioning Strategy videos and you will be able to create your uniqueness for your business.

No matter how good your positioning or uniqueness, it’s dead easy for the competition to take it away from you. Unless—unless you do something that takes the uniqueness to a whole new level. You move from the first level to the second level The first level is simply a feature or an adjective. E.g. If you said […]


The Biggest Mistake With Your Uniqueness

You’d never guess it in a million years. You’d think the biggest mistake would be made when you’re in the process of creating your uniqueness, right? Um, no… The biggest mistake is made right after. It’s the mistake of letting your uniqueness snuggle up and stay put in that nice warm bed. Cozy up? Snuggle up? What’s […]


How To Make Your Uniqueness “Inedible”

Imagine you sat down to eat a sandwich. And right in front of you were twenty three different types of ketchups. Would you add them all in your sandwich?  Of course you wouldn’t, but the moment you get to uniqueness, that logical thought process goes out of the window. We all seem to forget that […]


The Power of Demonstrating Your Uniqueness

  There you are, running around like a nut, because your uniqueness is well, so unique. It’s kinda what Leonardo da Vinci may have done when he drew pictures of the parachute. But sometimes the uniqueness seems to be a bit ahead of its time And when it seems that way, no one wants to believe […]


Brand Positioning: Do You Need To Carve Out a Uniqueness For ‘Every’ Product or Service?

It’s easy to say that every individual product or service needs a uniqueness of its own, but what if it doesn’t? How does it affect sales? How does it affect conversions? Let’s take an example and move steadily ahead. Let’s examine The Brain Audit, for instance. Did The Brain Audit, that’s been sold on the […]


Brand Positioning: Why The Right Uniqueness Is Built On A “DNA”

  Most of us think up a uniqueness or brand positioning and then worry about one thing: that the uniqueness will quickly get obsolete. And it’s true—your uniqueness will quickly get obsolete if all it’s really doing is trying to be the ‘flavour of the month’.  Or you could create a DNA factor. So what is the DNA […]


What Good Is Uniqueness If A Competitor Can Easily Copy It?

Positioning your brand may be a tough exercise. However what’s tougher is defending your position. Because the moment you have a great positioning statement or a great uniqueness, it’s likely that your competition is waiting to take it off you. So how do you stop them? It’s a free country, and probably a free world, […]


How To Get To Uniqueness: Three Yummy Goodies

Everybody loves goodies, don’t they? And more so, when the goodies are extremely rare. And it’s rare to find a book or a course that explains uniqueness clearly—if at all. Everyone tells you that uniqueness is important, but no one tells you how to work through the uniqueness minefield. Until now, that is… Your understanding of […]