When the rubber meets the road

by foxtrot

So we thought we would sit back, relax, and be “taught to”…

But Sean forewarned us that we would only have the one long session in the morning and that all afterwards would be broken up with group exercises and brief sessions where he extolled his insights.

Everyone in the room thought they knew what he was talking about until we actually got down to the exercises.

Suddenly we realized that we were trying to re-invent the wheel rather than enjoying the ride.

Our target market, our own customers, could tell us things “in their own words” that we could never spend enough on copywriters to achieve.

We needed to be quiet, to listen, and to be quieter still, letting the silence fill the room to the point that our target customer felt uncomfortable enough to open up further just to fill that silence.

And by filling that silence with their way of looking at the problem we would find the objections and the problems, yes, even the solutions if we would only listen to the greatest source available to us… the customer.

And if we could watch them face to face to observe their gestures and emotions we could catch many of the nuances that we would otherwise have missed.

A very eventful day full of familiar things that we needed to look at with fresh eyes.

Ohhh! Do we ever need time to decompress from this experience and let it slowly filter inwards!

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