Treasure Hunt on Granville Island (And Drinks Later)

by Sean

Granville Island was a blast. We had so much more fun on the treasure hunt because it was subjective instead of just being stuff you have to “right about”. And of course it helped that we have blogs, so that we could vote by posting on the blog. After the treasure hunt, lunch was in order before we all wandered off to um, more beer. And then it was time for an audio session in the presentation room. But there was still sake and wine to be had. And since we couldn’t have it in the meeting rooms, we headed to our own rooms.

The rooms were designated (and the respective “tenants” tidied up their rooms) and then the bottles of exquisite wine and sake. I just wandered off to get a massage (ooh that shoulder was hurting) and in the meantime everyone got really comfortable in the rooms. As they say: A good time was had by all. :)

Now I just need to add the cartoons to this blog, don’t I? :)

The Brain Audit

Gina, Dana and Brian

Jeff and Lily at Chau

Jeff and Lily at Chau

The Brain Audit

Russ on our hotel door at 6:12am

The Brain Audit

Russ has a mesage...

Melanie divvies up the chocolate bit by bit, by bit...

The Brain Audit

The Elmo Dance

The Elmo Dance, The Brain Audit

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