The Brain Audit Amsterdam Workshop 2013

Marketing provides twenty seven thousand five hundred and fifty three ways to get customer attention…

But you don’t want thousands of ways. You want just a simple system that’s effective. A system that has been tested right across the planet, from big markets to absolutely atom-sized markets. A system that has been tested across media from Web sites, to presentations, to one on one selling and sales through brochures/booklets etc. And most importantly a system that you don’t have to pull up a 675 page manual to even work out.

So why should you bother to show up at this event?
You’ve been to workshops before. They’re just information-dumps. You go there. You get buried in a ton of notes and endless presentations. And then you go home more confused than ever before. The Psychotactics events are designed for ‘consumption’. You will learn the concepts explained in The Brain Audit in great detail. And you’ll experience how to create a marketing message like never before.

Learning is about having fun—not just another information dump. And it’s about food, wine and time to regenerate. There’s a time to learn and a time to just let the learning seep in. That’s what a Psychotactics workshop is all about. You go back refreshed and with a plan—and not more confused than ever before. And hey, you get to meet Elmo! :)

Um, but if it’s so good, why are the prices not at €2500?
We used to charge $2500 for our workshops, but we don’t feel the need to do so any more. We treat these workshops as a solid way for the community to get to know each other and work with each other. So the prices are extremely reasonable. Plus it’s a no-frills workshop. The reason why our workshops are consistently full is because they’re unlike any other workshop you’ve ever been to.

Ready to join us in Amsterdam. Click here.

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